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A Leap of Faith… to jump or not to jump

This is how I feel right now.  I feel like all the pressure is on me. I can’t really go back down the ladder with my dignity intact but taking the plunge is scary and unknown.  With midterms nearing the end and graduation within a year a way, the pressure to succeed and do well is at times almost unbearable.  My heart races probably almost as much as that boy in the image just thinking about taking the plunge into the unknown. So many questions and no answers taking that leap of faith is daunting.  However, not to jump would be worse. A life filled with thoughts of what if, self doubt and guilt. As I push on through this next year I will undoubtedly remember this image in the back of my head reminding me of my amazing journey up the ladder and the uncertain future.



Speaking of Ethical Dilemmas

I chose this photo for today’s blog because we spoke about ethical choices in class. The discussion of ethical choices generally leaves us uncomfortable, trying to decide whether or not something is right or wrong, however its different when done on the spot. The picture is only loosely related to the discussion. Illinois recently banned the death penalty. The picture is from the announcement, which is a general news story.

I like the color in the gentleman’s tie in the picture, it is an interesting color contrast, especially with the white and the darkness of his jacket. But what I really think is spectacular is the painting in the background with the standing figure(presumably one of the founding fathers). It seems to be a sort of mini representation of what’s going on and lends to the patriotic feel of the picture.

Celebration of Light

I wanted to post an image that gave me a sense of joy and happiness.  To me it marks the end of a successful midterm week and the colors remind me of spring. I think this would be general news capturing Great Britain’s fireworks display at night three of Vancouver’s annual Celebration of Light. I think it does a beautiful job and gives the viewer something unexpected sense normally you see fireworks display with a really dark back ground with vivid neon colors this on the other hand is somewhat light out and the whole scene is somewhat serene.

My goal this next assignment with General news is to capture something that reminds me of the beauty and hope in the world!

What Changed My thoughts About Self Portraits

This is a portrait picture of Arnold Newman.  He took it of himself in 1939.  The picture interests me for many reasons.  The first reason is that it was taken 72 years ago with a film camera but when you look at it you would think that it was taken about 20 years ago.  The second reason is that where he placed camera and how he showed it in the picture and did not make it look bad at all.  The last reason is how he showed his engagement without looking at the camera by using his body language.  Though, There a lot more reasons that you can talk about.  Arnold Newman defiantly changed my thoughts about self-portrait after I saw this picture.  He did the unusual in this picture even if it was old.  That is why he is one of the best photographers in the world.

The New York times does a great job of assembling pictures of the day, or week. I think it relates pretty well to our latest assignment because the purpose of the slideshow is to show general news. This particular link refers to the general news in the arts of this past week. It combines good photography with timely and interesting events.

Projectiles and Shells

For what seems to be thousands of years the middle east and North America have either been at war with each other or one another.  For whatever reason the citizens of these countries can never acquire peace.  This photo was taken by Carolyn Cole of the LA times and is featured in her Pulitzer Prize winning collection.  This image depicts the aftermath of a street battle during the civil war of Liberia.  The number of shells left on the street is sickening, and with the human element of the person walking over them it sort of makes it feel like this is nothing out of the ordinary for th people of liberia.

Spring is Just Around the Corner

I found this picture on STLtoday. com website. It goes along with our new assignment for general news. This picture was taken by a Cardinals fan in January at one of the Cardinals Caravan at Lake Land College in Mattoon, IL. I really like this picture because I love the Cardinals, especially Freese and I can not wait for opening day at Busch. I really like when teams take time out to get to meet their fans as well as sign and take pictures with them.  This picture has great human elements, you can see the amount of fans that came out to support and see there favorite team. I also really like how you can see the little boy and girl getting ready to meet the players while there dad stands by taking pictures. This picture just gets me really excited about spring being just around the corner, which means baseball season is about to start! GO CARDS!!