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Mardi Gras 2011

This is a photo I found on by Emily Rasinski.  I saw her while I was taking pictures in Soulard at the Mardi Gras parade on Saturday morning.  I was curious to see what she shot since we were pretty close to each other (even though I was behind the fence while she was allowed to stand in the streets).  I really like this photograph because it captures the emotion in the subjects face, the photo was shot at an interesting angle, and it shows off the movement of this woman on her bike.  It also shows off a lot of the texture from the girls bike and includes some nice bursts of random color.  This is a really nice action shot, I like her perspective.


A Weakness for Shoes

Magnum Photos

Anyone who has seen my closet knows that I own an abundance of shoes. I like them, it’s as simple as that. What I didn’t know until taking this class was just how big my love for shoes was. On recent outings to take photos, I’ve discovered that I would oftentimes notice peoples’ shoes. For our weather assignment, I wished I had my camera every time I saw a pair of brightly colored galoshes in the gloomy gray rain. For our portrait assignment, I saw myself taking photos that included my subjects’ shoes. I found that each person wore shoes that reflected their personality in some way. Mostly for technical difficulties, those particular photos never made it into the final five. Similar to Professor Lunsford’s hat addiction, I love to photograph shoes. I’ve realized just how much one pair of shoes can say about a person. Whether they’re worn work boots, a pair of sleek high-heels, or old, drawn-on tennis shoes, they say a lot about their wearers, and they’re just waiting for someone to notice them.

Slight Differences

NPAA Monthly News Clip Contest

For our Feature Assignment, I was at a loss on where to start. I found my pictures from my own life, using a late-night study session and a bridal shower to find subjects. In class afterwards, however, I was intrigued by our discussion on what exactly a feature photo includes. The biggest part of a feature photo, in my opinion is an aspect of human interest. These photos don’t have to come from planned events, or be the after-effect of news stories. I look at feature photos as captured moments of the things people do every day. This photo, from the NPAA competition, is an example of a feature that caught my eye. Almost everyone can relate to music in some way. From this photo, I sense that this man has been playing the trumpet for a long time, that he’s passionate about music. It rides a fine line between being a portrait and a feature. The key aspect that makes it a feature, however, is that the man has no interaction with the camera. He’s lost in the music.