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Foggy Ride

Peter Pereira/The Standard-Times

I found this picture on the NPPA Monthly News Clip Contest site. It was the first prize winner for October 2010. I find this picture interesting firstly because of the situation. It looks as though the photographer and this gentleman are the only two on the road. This does not necessarily constitute good photojournalism, but it is a testament to how effective a “photo walk” can be. You find excellent shots in the most unlikely places, like on a deserted country road as exhibited here. I also find this photo very appealing because of the colors. The leaves match the man’s yellow hat. This effectively draws the viewer’s eye around the photo, allowing them to get the full effect. I also like the contrast of the gray fog with the orange leaves and the red in the flag. I for one dislike foggy fall days, but this photo makes it work well. Lastly, I find this photo interesting not for a particularly stylistic reason, but because it is another picture of a solitary man on a long road in an interesting hat. What it is about this particular setting that is so attractive to photographers, I may never know. But it’s certain neat to see how often this scenario is photographed.



Here stands a farmer’s portrait, Richard Kobayashi, located in the Manzanar Relocation Center in the WWII era of California.
At this time, the United States housed and relocated over 100,000 people who were either Japanese-American citizens or natural born citizens, the Nisei, the second generation.

The main force of Adams book is to see how is life for people placed in this camp. Adams was not allowed to show Manzanar was a prison, only a camp. No prison guards, no barb wire, only people.
In this photo in particular, since we passed up portraits for our last assignment, I wanted to show this portrait of a man and how can a portrait of this fellaw was taken.
That the soul of the man was captured by Adams in this photo, even being locked in Manzanar.

Soldiers Coming Home


If there is any thing besides cute puppies that can soften the coldest of hearts its pictures of little girls with their daddies returning from war.  This picture was taken by Amarxis in June of 2010.  So much emotion is depicted in this picture, the girl is holding onto her dad’s neck as if in fear that he we leave again.  And her eyes also are packed with emotion, they say to me “this is my dad and I missed him so much, I never want to let go.”  You can’t see the soldiers face but from the way he is holding his daughter he doesn’t want to let go for a long time either.  I think pictures like these help one to appreciate your family more especially when you see little girls who don’t know when or if they will see their father again.

Great Opportunity

I wanted to use this bog post to let you know about an interesting photojournalistic opportunity
The workshop is completely free if you are elected, the only thing that you would have to pay is an application fee of $40.

The Human Condition

Image: My Bedroom by Baratlaut found at

I was trying to find inspiration for today’s post and came across this image.  Recently, I have been stressed out about school, work, and my future in the art world. After seeing this image, I realized how lucky I really am. I have tons of people that love and care about me, food everyday and my own apartment. I think this would be a great feature story because I think represents a branch of the human condition. To me the human condition encompasses the experiences of being human in a social, cultural, and personal context. It can be described as the basic part of humanity that is inherent and not connected to gender, race, class, etc. — our search for purpose, sense of curiosity, the inevitability of isolation, fear of death, etc.

I am a hopeless romantic and optimist. I hope that I can capture a more positive aspect of the human condition for this weeks assignment “feature”.

“The New Look of Dior”

When I was looking at some fashion photography online, I saw this picture that was taken by the American photographer Richard Avedon.  The picture was taken in Paris in August 1947.  I found this picture interested for many reasons.  The fact that the lady was not looking at the camera was the most interesting part on the picture.  However, the men’s body language, and since they were looking at her made it more interested because it helps the person to get a hint or to find the meaning of the picture.  Also, that she was wearing a hat that was not placed in the middle of her head, and she was playing with her dress made to think about fashion immediately.  Avedon took this picture for the fashion brand Christian Dior.

A trim off the top

Photo by Erik Lunsford | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

Tony Hollis from Mike Waters Tree Service in Catawissa, MO., chainsaws a tree Wednesday on Goodfellow Boulevard near Gateland Avenue in St Louis, MO. Ongoing roadway construction and improvements by the City of St. Louis requires the removal of about two dozen trees, some which have roots that are damaging the sidewalks, says Josh Kambitch of the City of St. Louis.

I was working on a different story, tracking down school administration members, when I passed this crew removing trees from a city block. Fortunately I was able to return and make a few pictures. Opting to shoot from below, pointing upwards, I knew I was in the right spot when crew members remarked that I would be showered in wood shavings.


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