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The Joy of Rain

It seems as though I cannot help myself from blogging about photos found in the National Geographic photo galleries, seeing as though this my third week posting a picture from the site.  This photo was taken by Jashim Salam, and I found it in the people and culture photo gallery.  The photo is of children playing in seasonal rains in Bangladesh.  I was instantly drawn to the joyous emotion on the faces of these kids.  It is that innocent excitement we all experienced as children.  Looking at this photo I am automatically brought back to those childhood moments when I didn’t have a care in the world, and my days revolved around playing games outside until dinner time.  I miss those days when rain water provided me with so much excitement and happiness, just like the children in this photo.


birds of a couple flock together

Erik M. Lunsford | St. Louis Post-Dispatch

In my tireless search for cool hats, Barbara and Martin Dietrich caught my attention while cruising for a weather feature on Monday at Tower Grove Park. Birders for over 40 years, the Dietrichs have traveled as far as Indonesia and South Africa for rare sightings of exotic birds. “It’s always a surprise, ” said Barbara. “You never know what’s going to fly by.”

Fly by, perhaps, like wandering photojournalists?

Drug Addict












When I look at this photo I automatically start concocting a storyline to go along with it.  I see pain, frustration, and hopelessness displayed through this one girl; as if her drug addiction is so strong that it has transformed into an ongoing battle that she will never see herself winning.  As well, the texture of the ground and wall she is sitting against gives me a sense of where the picture was taken.

I’ve always been a sucker for photographs with raw emotion, so when I came across this photo on Magnumphotos I pretty much fell in love with it on the spot.  Although the emotion isn’t pleasant, it’s real and something not usually displayed too often.  Moreover, I must commend the photographer for capturing such an emotional instant and also being able to take such a photo because not all are able to snap uncomfortable moments like this one.


Interplay of Emotion

Last week David Carson, a photojournalist for the Post-Dispatch gave a presentation in my media ethics class. While the presentation focused on photojournalism ethics, he did show us some of his photos, including this one. As I was thinking about our emotion assignment, I was inspired by this one. I remembered what Robert Cohen said earlier this week about looking for interplay between people in emotion photos. That’s what really makes this photo. This is just a magic moment. The kid is definitely a character, and his face captures the great blend of excitement and fear that children experience when visiting Santa Clause. I wonder how long David waited for this picture to happen.

Inspired by this, I am going to attempt to find my own Santa emotion picture this weekend. Though it is a little early in the season, St. Clair Shopping Center is welcoming Santa this Friday, and while I don’t expect a photo as good as David’s, I hope to find my own emotion picture.

The Late Late show

Since our last project was illustration i figured why not choose an illustration picture. I saw this one and thought it was pretty cool because of the fact that the tv is so small. I mean you can make animals watch tv but the fact that the tv is cat size and it appears to be in the middle of the street or on the moon i cant really tell. I feel that it represents  that the lazy  owners of pets are causing the pets to be lazy. i think that is is just a good use of illustration and most girls will probably think its cute.


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