Hannah Sheppard – General News

Hannah Sheppard - General News

Opening day was such a fun event to shoot, especially being in St. Louis. The atmosphere at the newly opened Ballpark Village was nothing short of electric. I chose this shot for the blog because I was pleased with the lighting as well as the image of Adam Wainwright at bat. Coupled with the view of the fans, I think this did well in capturing the environment. As a general news piece I think getting a photo of individual fans not engaging with the camera would’ve been in my best interest, but overall I think this shot turned out well.

Hannah Sheppard – Feature

Hannah Sheppard - Feature

I’m not sure what it is about this photo that made me like it so much, but of the 5 that I chose to upload this one really spoke to me. It is a shot of a closet in the basement of an office that holds a series of blueprints for projects that have been finished. As you can see, some are a lot older and more weathered, and I think the darkness of the closet as well as the fluorescent lighting gave the perfect mood for the shot. I had taken another photo where the gap between files was placed more off-center, in an attempt to get a better “rule of thirds” shot, but I think that this one ended up looking better in terms of balance. I could be wrong though!

Hannah Sheppard – Portrait

Hannah Sheppard - Portrait

I really enjoyed this photo of my mom and brother, I think the lighting worked out really well and the colors look nice. I possibly could’ve had the two subjects stand further away from the wall to get a better image and background, but overall this was my first choice in terms of portrait material.

Hannah – Color, Light, Mood, Texture

Hannah - Color, Light, Mood, Texture

Something about simple christmas lights, wether on a tree, wreath, or simply hanging over a window, always seem to add comfort. I enjoy that I was able to get one light in focus and have the others a bit faded, and I think not having the photo centered kind of worked out, so overall I’m pretty pleased with the shot.

If i could go back I would probably try to make the other lights a little more out of focus, kind of a round glow as they fade out rather than each apparent light. I also think the picture could probably use a little more dynamic to it.

Hannah Sheppard, Point of View

Hannah Sheppard, Point of View

I decided to do a point of view shot of my roommate, who is an english major and spends the good majority of her evenings reading books for her classes. It started off as a shot of her hair/forehead poking out of the covers that kind of mimicked Audrey’s hair in the poster, and then I decided it would be more interesting if she had a book on her head.

Some trouble I was having with this shot was the lighting, it was taken in the evening so there was no natural light, only her overhead light and a lamp on her dresser. When I uploaded the photo to a computer I decided to play around with the tools and ended up lightening it up quite a bit. When shooting i tried using the flash but that only made the end of the bed too bright and gave off a glare on the poster.

I think the shot would be a bit more interesting if there was a stronger visual of her hair/head/book, since here it is a bit more hidden than I wanted it to be. Otherwise I really enjoyed creating the shot and seeing how it turned out.

Hannah Sheppard – Photo Safari



I have always enjoyed taking photographs of nature, to me it is such a dynamic and captivating subject to try and capture. Given that the best times of the day for light exposure happen to be around sunrise and sunset, I decided to get up early one morning in hopes of gaining fresh perspective. The fun part about photographing nature, to me, is animals. Their unpredictability allows for great opportunity that can unfortunately be gone in the blink of an eye. In this case, the geese seemed to have no problem with my presence.

Although my focus points are off and there are a couple of obstructions around the edges from the weeping willow I was sitting under, this was my favorite shot. I enjoy its peaceful quality and balance of icy water and birds, and the blue hues that give it its chill. If I had a chance to take a few more shots, I would probably lower the camera a bit more, set my focus on the geese, and get rid of the willow vines.

Mus Akafekwa–Emotion

Mus Akafekwa–Emotion

From left to right Angela Wall, Michael Wall, Ginger Wall and Robert Wall say a prayer for Thanksgiving dinner on Nov. 28 2013 at House Springs Mo.

I like the different expressions on their faces and the body language that brings out emotion.

Tabitha Williams– Emotion

Tabitha Williams-- Emotion

I like this photo because it gives an instant flow of positive energy. The smile on the subject directs the reader to smile while looking at the photo. I do not like the angle, which makes the read a little harder.

Tabitha Williams — Illustration

Tabitha Williams -- Illustration

I conducted this photo to show the stress and depression that college has on students causing major changes in life. I then also wanted to show how taking the GRE has an academic major change on ones life. Overall I wanted to depict MAJOR CHANGES.. both from a personal and academic level. The colors represent negativity and depression. I like the concept that I tried to persuade behind the photo

Mus Akafekwa Assignment 8_Person at work

Ashley Baker, Sales Associate, glazes a ham at the Honey Baked Ham Company in Mehlville, St Louis, Mo., on Nov. 10, 2013.

Ashley Baker, Sales Associate, glazes a ham at the Honey Baked Ham Company in Mehlville, St Louis, Mo., on Nov. 10, 2013.

I was caught of guard in this assignment. After making arrangements to shoot at the location within a few minutes of getting ready to shoot I had to make myself scarce. I took as many pictures as I could however with the challenging lighting and the pressure on time I wasn’t able to get the shots I desired. I tried everything on the camera in the hope to capture some decent pictures including the flash. Fortunately the gamble paid off and was able to capture a decent enough picture with the flash however the frames fell short. A wide angle lens might have been better in this situation.



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