Achraf Yacoubou-Features

Bri 2

Out of all three pictures I think this is the one that stood out to me the most because this is what injured athletes go through behind the scenes. People are used to only seeing them on the court or or the field but I just like how I was able to capture the photo in a birds eye view because I thought it probably would be best that I did. One of the problems that I have while taking photos are the lighting and the focus hopefully I can keep progressing each and everyday.

Brid Fahey – Features


This is my favorite photo out of the three. My favorite part is the texture and colors in the frame. Although it was hard with all the over head lighting, I like that the human element is darker than the aisle of food. However, I do wish I could’ve gotten a closer, and more personal picture of the subject. This photo assignment definitely posed a new set of challenges, however, I feel the features assignment will make the next assignment more understandable.

Austin McBroom

Out of the three photographs, this one in particular is my favorite photo. Not only is this photo the most natural but it is also the most appealing. I really like how I was able to capture him in motion, in the process of eating. Although, I was I could of gotten a lower warms eye view angel, so that I didn’t cut off the drink and the plate. The way that we were seated made it hard to do so. I also would like for the lighting to be better. I tried my best to use the light behind him but the lights were really low in the restaurant, which made it difficult. Overall, his facial expression along with the setting of the picture does a good job expressing Tanner Lancona’s eating habits.

Dylan Devine

Dylan Devine

This is a photo of my brother, Shane. I like the lighting a lot but he was in the middle of talking so he has a strange expression on his face. I ended up not using the photos I took of Shane for the project because I had a hard time telling him how to pose and all of that. I think that both of our unease can be read through the photos I took that day.

Brian Severino: Portrait


For my portrait I played it safe and photographed my sister Cassie in my backyard before we attended a family friend’s birthday party.  I feel that I learned a lot from this assignment on the fundamentals of using the camera. It took about 40 minutes to get the pictures that I wanted. I was having trouble with the lighting at first. It was bright at certain spots and cloudy in others, so it took me a while to find positions to balance the light. I chose my backyard because it gives off very much an urban setting, which was what I was thinking about whenever you mentioned portraits in class: I want to get some pictures in an urban setting. I had fun with this assignment and I am looking forward to doing more assignments with a camera now.

Achraf Yacoubou-Assignment #4

This assignment was really challenging for me but I am the type of person that welcomes it. I took plenty of photos but I found three that I liked but this particular photo here stood out to me. I enjoy this picture because Alexandria had on a New York shirt which represents where I come from and it also reminds me of the saying ” Welcome to the concrete jungle”. I think that she blended in well with the palm trees, she looked really calm and focused and I also think the lighting was really good for this photo as well she sold the picture with her pose this is why this portrait is my favorite.                                                                                                                            Alex 1

Alexander Vavra – Assignment 4 – Portrait


In attempt to go beyond my comfort zone, I initially approached three men attending to yard work outside the contemporary art gallery. After explaining and extending my request, I was declined. Therefore, I decided to work within my comfort zone and photograph someone I knew. However, as I was taking pictures I noticed Adonis and decided to try once more and succeeded.

This assignment has been my favorite thus far, thanks to Adonis. It was great to meet a new friend, and try to capture his essence within a single photo. I believe this one does an excellent job of illustrating who Adonis is. A big reason I believe this, is because he did very little to alter his position upon my arrival – he was naturally sitting like this and it speaks to who he is. The hands clasped as if in prayer between his legs, illustrates his quiet, and gentle introverted demeanor. Adonis’ contagious smile draws the viewer to his face, presenting a great point of entry.  The light exposure did not negatively affect the portrait due to the building providing shade by blocking the setting sun’s rays.

One way this photo could be even better is if the background did not change from the concrete to the  yellow stripe and black wall. Especially since the change occurs at the top of his head. I am not sure if this is a negative but you can see the gum he was chewing. Adonis’ head is tipped back slightly, which typically is an angle avoided in portraits since having a view from an angle slightly above is considered more flattering. However, I was standing while he was sitting so maybe it cancels out. Another aspect the portrait could be improved is if I had caught his hands waving in the air due to his excitement. This would have been a more revealing portrait of Adonis, if I had.


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