Austin Mcbroom – Person at Work


I think this is my best and favorite photo out of the three that I captured. The lighting is what stands out to me in this photo. I like how I was able to capture not the employee but the costumer as well, as she is looking for money in her purse. At the same time, I wish I could of took this photo at a different angel so I could of got some of the toppings that they offered. In order to do so, I think of would of needed a birds a view to caption just that. Overall, I really enjoy this photo and I think it does a good job of displaying a Flying Cow costumer at work.

Austin Mcbroom – Sports


I am definitely a fan of this photo because I can relate. I really enjoy this shot because it captures so much. It shows a group of men enjoying basketball and at the same time taking it serious. It also shows how exhausted they all are, only with their sweat and postures. Even though I like this photo, I wish I could of zoomed out just a little bit so I could of seen everyone on the court. I cut out a couple of the guys playing, I felt that I could of made a difference. Everyone would be able to tell that this a definitely a sporting even.

Brid Fahey – Person at Work


Of my three shots, this is easily my favorite photo. I liked the point of view of this photo, although you can’t see much of Sarah’s face, I feel it gives more serious and studious feel. I liked the focus of the photo and that Sarah is in the center of the shot with the book cases equally surrounding her. The florescent lighting did pose a threat to some of the photos, I’m satisfied with this photo’s lighting and color.

Achraf Yacoubou – Sports


This photo was my favorite choice out of all of the sports photos because I liked the angle from the birds eye view and I like how the girl was caught in the movement of kicking the soccer ball to the other girls I just like the competitive nature of sports in the general. I think that the photo was clear and the lighting was right the only thing is that it was kind of tough finding a big sporting event because of the timing but this was still a cool assignment.

Achraf Yacoubou – Person at Work

Work 1photo

I liked this picture the best for the person at work because it shows the student worker taking down the order so she could get ready to charge and prepare the smoothie. I think that the lighting and the texture of this was very good also the focus on the camera was on point hopefully this picture is good enough but I felt very good about it this assignment was fun.

Alexander Vavra – Sports and Person at Work


The above photograph of athlete, Dustin Anderson, is my favorite from the sport assignment. I believe I have a great appreciation for this photo in particular because of my background as a competitive swimmer for nine years. It provokes a mood within me that has been in hibernation since the end of my swim career. The mood produced is along the same lines as pounding a rock – everyday you show up to practice, sometimes twice a day to do the same thing swim from one end to the other staring at a solid unchanging black line at the bottom of the pool. However, you keep coming back determined that despite the routine and scenery changing minimally eventually you will get the results you desire. In addition, I think this shot provides a unique visual perspective for Dustin is not fully submerged or on top of the surface – you can see the layer of water around his right arm resisting futilely to withstand his breakout. I also like how I captured his left foot on the upbeat of his kick, causing the water to splash up. One thing, I would like to experiment with is incorporating more of the solid black line for this may provide a greater graphic quality with how parallel the rest of his body is.



The selects from Person at Work, this image was my favorite. I believe it provided a nice sense of place and depth of field, for the stage in the background illustrates the subject is working in a theatre. In addition, I think I did a good job at capturing the state in which Mark Wilson works. He is the coordinator for the lighting design, and this photo illustrates his position by the headset he is wearing to communicate with the people operating the lighting, and by the computer screen having the different intensities and shades up. One thing that may improve this photo is having the an actor or actress more visible either on the left side, middle, or right side. Perhaps, providing a little more light on the subject would help to but I like the darker picture since all the subject’s attention is directed to the stage.

General News (Reshoot) – Achraf Yacoubou

This is the photo that I thought was the best out of the three that I took for general news because I liked the focus of the camera and the photo quality looked really clear I think that the lighting could have been a little bit better. However, I liked that the lady was smiling while she was taking peoples orders and serving others at the Billiken grill on the Saint Louis University campus but it was tough finding a photo to fit this topic.


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