For this assignment I was excited because I do love seeing various emotions in photographs. I love seeing smiles and laughter the most, which is obviously why I chose this picture of my two sisters. This was taken during Easter break and you can just tell that they are having a great time, also probably laughing at the fact that I am shooting away with my big very noticable camera. But I did find this one not as difficult because I feel like no matter what picture you take of someone it is truly filled with emotions of all kinds. Who doesn’t love seeing smiles in a photograph? And the reason I loved this one was because it honestly was 100% not posed. This is merely my sisters having a good time talking and sitting around with my family on a day where we all get to be together and eat good food as well. This photo captures the essence of that emotion of love and of laughter as well.

Photo Illustration

As i approached this assignment I knew what i was going to do right away. During Junior year in college most kids turn the long awaited age of 21. This age is one that is special for most kids in college because you are finally able to drink legally. My friends have had theirs this year and one’s party is tonight actually. What I a trying to illustrate with this picture is how 21st birthdays are in a sense all about alcohol and not so much the old cake and presents that usually birthdays are associated with. I am trying to show that alcohol is taking over 21st birthdays and thats what it seems to mostly be about these days. Sometimes its used to an excessive extent more than it needs to be. I had gotten my friend a cupcake for her birthday and the idea came to me while looking at these empty bottles my room mates had sitting around our apartment. I thought this assignment was a bit difficult because its not easy to illustrate an idea you have in your head to other people who may not see the same thing by looking at a picture.

Person at Work

This assignment was one that was interesting because it took me into people’s jobs that I didn’t know anything about. I did three of my five photos on workers at SLU because I thought there are people at work here right where I live everyday. I liked this picture because I live in Moolah and every morning when I walk to class I walk by this man cutting the grass or doing some work on the lawn and sidewalks. I always wondered what his name was and how he felt about his job, etc. I finally figured while I was walking to my Theology class Monday morning that i need to know his name and snap some pictures of this man I see so often. I thought this shot of him captured him truly in his work environment which is outside daily. I’ll admit I was very nervous to approach him and ask if I could shoot some pictures of him while he was sweating and working hard but he didn’t seem to mind when I asked and explained myself. This was definitely an interesting and rewarding assignment, you never know how people truly are in their work place until you wait around and watch them while they work.

General News Assignment

While enjoying the weather in Forest Park Tuesday this past week I was out hunting for our sports assignment photos when I walked past the Saint Louis Art Museum. I had never been before and always wanted to go. I had heard from my room mates who are from St. Louis about one of the galleries on the first floor that was very beautiful and I thought I might do this for my own self interest as well as our general news assignment! I had two things done in one outing! I remembered Professor Lunsford mentioning an art museum gallery or exhibit as a possible choice for our general news assignment because it is an event that the museum holds for a time that the public can come and see. I found the art beautiful and there were actually quite a lot of people there on a nice day surprisingly. They to my surprise let you take pictures which I was worried about because I had been in museums back in my home town of Chicago where they did not allow them. The people I met all seemed to be art enthusiasts and just people like me wanting to explore. This picture is of the Fitzimmons family, they were rather artsy people who frequent the Saint Louis Art Museum on occasion. I just snapped away as they explored this room of pictures. I enjoyed this assignment because it not only got me cool pictures but also let me see and enjoy the museum for the first time.

Sports Assignment

A sports assignment to me is hard to come by because I am not apart of a sports team at SLU in any way. But I do think that it is a fun assignment to get people in action playing a sport they love. This photo right here was taken in the Simon Rec right here at SLU. I was driving by and thought that there are probably people playing some sort of sport in the rec today. I was lucky to find a few people playing basketball on the courts, there weren’t many because it was a nice day outside so I am sure many people were wanting to play outside instead. But I liked this photo because it shows some intense movement between the two people playing on the court, the blurriness in the photo shows that it is rather fast movement. This photo is in the moment of a player trying to make it to the basket and shoot. I like how the blue in the gym match the Billiken blue on the shirt of the guy in the photo. This assignment was different because it forced me to go into settings I am not normally familiar with because I am not a huge sports person. But I did enjoy it because I do like sports very much!

Feature Assignment

When we first talked about the feature assignment I thought immediately of some of my favorite places I had only been to a few times since coming to school in STL. This photo was taken at my absolute favorite sandwich place on the planet, Blues City Deli. This place has the coolest character to it and the people who work there are always very friendly. Not to mention the sandwiches here are literally mouth watering and to die for, no joke. I went here for my birthday lunch last Monday the 5th with my boyfriend who is in this photo right here. This assignment was a little bit hard for me I have to admit because the places I went were smaller and local, but the people were still weirded out at me taking photos. I could have gotten better pictures for this assignment but I’ll admit the stress of having four midterms and a paper got to  me a little bit. I liked this photo because it shows someone quietly enjoying their time here and it shows also the amazing art work and pictures on the walls. It is definitely a must to do on your bucket list before you leave St. Louis after college, I would recommend the chicken shack ranch sandwich.


For this project I knew I was going to ask all of my friends to participate in the project. My parents came in last weekend and I obviously used my mom as a model for  this project. She is someone who is easy to work with and easy going,she doesn’t feel weird when I direct her. Most people in this assignment shied away at the chance to have their photograph taken. I felt differently, i felt that it was not a weird thing but a fun opportunity to express your attitude and expression. This project was one that was developed by people I know very well and care very much about. This is a project that was easygoing and relaxed for me. This guy  is my boyfriend and I had fun shooting him because I do know him so well. I liked this photo the best out of the rest of him because I think it shows an expression that is heart felt and true. I also like the blue color of his shirt that lights up the picture that is not filled with much color to begin with. This assignment was one that was filled with laughs and awkwardness due to the fact that most of my subjects thought it was strange for me to take their portrait. I told them that it would be a rewarding experience and it was.

Weather that never seems to stay the same

Ok so I will admit this assignment was a tough one for me from the beginning. I thought in my mind about weather and I thought of snow falling, a thunder storm, or a gloomy day. I did not know how I was going to find such elements or capture the ultimate weather picture. So i began my “photo hunt” by just simply driving around and parking places searching for that shot. I took this one here while sitting in my car, I was only playing around with my camera and decided to take a picture of the man coming up on my rear left. I then told him that I was not a paparazzi and that I was a student at SLU simply taking pictures for my Photojournalism class. I felt like a paparazzi the whole time I was doing this assignment. This one was probably the hardest for me because I had no real color or weather-like conditions to work with. I took tons of photos but none of them were speaking to me at first. I have to say also that it is scary asking people if you can take their pictures because they don’t always love the idea so much and may think that you are some weird magazine person or something worse. I do think that I could have done a lot better on this assignment than what I came up with in the end because I should have taken pictures at night with the different lighting and everything. But it was enjoyable yet frustrating at the same exact time. But I thought this shot was interesting because i caught it right when he was coming into my mirror. Its a different look than simply taking a picture of a biker biking right next to me. It was fun to explore the outdoor places in St. Louis that I could.

Color,Light,Mood & Texture – Assignment 2

After using the Nikon for the first time for our first assignment and learning my lesson on too much exposure I got to work on finding pictures for our second assignment. I played around with the camera and shot a few practice shots over last weekend so that I was sure I could handle the Nikon a little bit better this time around. While in my apartment I was honestly just playing around with the different iso’s and balances, etc. I immediately got excited after I got this close up shot of this jar of candy hearts in my apartment, the reason I got so excited was because it was the first photo that I had taken with the Nikon that I loved. It is so focused on just the color in the photograph and everything else in the background is blurred out because it isn’t supposed to be the focus of the picture. It was a shot I was not planning on using at all. Goes to show that Professor Lunsford is right in that don’t try to get great shots and just play around and see what you end up with. I also can say that I now have a better understanding of how to use the camera better and am so excited for the rest of the semester, when I realized I was able to take better photos on this camera it made me feel more confident in going out and taking photos. I understand that maybe this photo is a little bit too close up but I do think that it is good for the color aspect of the project because it is February after all and it represents the colors of the month, also this time of year is not colorful whatsoever outside so this is bright for this time of year besides Mardi Gras! Overall I enjoyed this project because it will most likely bring out the creative side in everyone in our class and leave room for a lot of interpretations of each thing.

Point of view assignment #1

All my life the best camera I have owned has been a Nikon Coolpix from Costco my mom got me for Christmas, I still am using that camera now. I have always loved taking pictures whether it be doing something with my friends, on vacation, or with my family. I signed up for this class because I had been told that Photojournalism was a great and exciting class that I must take according to some friends of mine. This first assignment was interesting and at first I honestly had no idea what I was going to do. I thought what am I going to take pictures of from five different points of view? I was walking to the bsc one day last week and I happened to have my fancy Nikon with me from the CMC lab, I immediately saw the huge Billiken outside which is made out of greenery. I thought to myself, I wonder how many different Billikens there are around SLU’s campus alone? This got me thinking that maybe I should do my assignment on the beloved mascot of SLU. Five different points of view of the St. Louis University Billiken. I decided to roll with it! My next mission was to find my next Billiken! I eventually found four more to complete my first assignment for Photojournalism. It was cool to see all the different ones and just how many there actually are at SLU and around St. Louis. This picture is one of the ones I took when I made my way over to the BSC that day and I liked it a lot because I like how it shows a rather odd slimmed down version of the Billiken and also how it shows down the street the city of St. Louis in the distance. It shows that the Billiken is always somewhere in SLU’s campus whether it be the word Billiken, statue, or even a graphic on a student’s shirt. This picture shows an unusual view of the Billiken and what we don’t normally associate it with, that’s why I thought it would be a cool picture and a different point of view on what the Billiken is. I enjoyed this project a lot, I enjoyed playing around with the exposure and appatures as well. It was a whole new experience for me that I know I will get better and better at as I go along in this class and continue to understand the camera itself more. I enjoyed roaming around SLU’s campus and it’s younger school SLU High, definitely an interesting experience. Photography is an art form I never thought I would love as much as I have loved this assignment. I look forward to exploring St. Louis more behind the lens!


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