How to make a roommate angry

So without being here for the weekend I didn’t get the chance to capture all the emotion with the race, blues and cards so I went around town and tried to capture some people but nothing came out real well. Well having said that, I thought I would mess with my roommate and piss him off as much as I could. We took the garbage out and I raced in the house locking all the doors. I sat down and watched some TV letting my roommate sit outside for a while (I know cruel right?) Anyway, 10 missed calls later I opened the door and captured his “angry face”. It turned out to be a pretty funny shot and he laughed about it later because I showed him the picture. Anyway, the light was perfect and the ISO was around 600 or 500 something like that. Shutter speed was perfect!

To Stay Out of the Slammer Don’t Drive Hammered

So I thought I could get a little creative with this assignment and it turned out great. I went out and bought a pair of handcuffs along with the liquor we have in the house (we are in college ;) and I threw in my keys from my jeep. Shot turned out great, good lighting, nice dark background. I was pleased with this shot. Wasn’t sure if I did it right but after seeing some other blog posts I think it turned out great. The shutter speed and the ISO was great and the camera didn’t mess up on me so I was happy with this. I am really looking forward to the emotion assignment and like Erik said I wish I was in STL this weekend with all the stuff going on but I know I will have other shots since we do live in a city. I have some good ideas flowing in my head. Anyway, have a good weekend!! GO BILLS!

Spring Cleaning

I took pictures of Don Finn, one of the grounds crew guys. He was raking our field and cutting grass. The lighting was terrible and It was pretty much impossible to find good light but I did the best I could. Travis Parker hit me in the head with a bat today (by accident) so I am not much of a mood to write anything. 5 stitches later and a cracked tooth, have a good Easter Break!!!

Atlas Week

If I had it my way I would have beaten Erik to a Crime Scene on the streets of North St. Louis but I didn’t have a police scanner and I didn’t feel like hanging out there waiting around. Anyway, I chose Atlas week and ended up at the 51st Meeting of St. Louis’ Dialogue Group of the World’s Religions and Philosophies. (Yeah I was apart of history) The event took place in the Wool Ballroom in the BSC, the lighting in there like the Rec Center is a joke so I had to adjust. I got this sweet shot of the chairs going down the line and a man intently watching the awesome presentation. If you look closely you can see a photographer from the UNews try and take my shot but nope I was there first!

Dunk City Baby

So I knew everyone was going to do an outdoor sport since the weather was great and I saw a bunch of people take pictures of us at our games so I decided to see what the basketball guys were up to. Anyway I got in touch with Mike McCall and see if they were playing ball up at the rec. Luckily they were, so I ran up there and they were doing a little 2 v 2 and then a dunk contest in front of a group of people. The lighting in there was a joke but I did my best and got the shutter speed to fit the speed of the game. The picture you see is of Corey Remekun dunking, I got underneath the basket just enough so I didn’t get stepped on. Pretty good shot if I do say

so myself.



Will the studying ever end?

So walking around Xavier Hall I found a bunch of people cramming before tests and I thought it would be cool to capture some moments while people sweated out finals. I was hoping for a mental breakdown from some people but that didn’t happen (is that bad I wished that?) Anyway the light in the Lab and hallway wasn’t great until the sun started shining through the windows which made it a lot easier. Overall I was pleased with the way these came out and it was also a plus that people were really so focused on their studying that they didn’t even realize I was taking photos after I told them. I used anywhere between a 700 ISO to almost a 1600. Anyway, early game tomorrow so I will leave you with a Happy Spring Break!!!

The boys are back in town

So this assignment was by far the most difficult for me. A couple of reasons, the first being the time I had to do this with the traveling between Florida and the fact that we are in Arizona a couple days later. Secondly, was the fact that posing for a picture is boring and just ugly in my point of view but needless to say it has to be done in photo journalism. Anyway, let me explain my inspiration behind my photos. I was reading ESPN the mag and it was about Albert Pujols (sorry he left, let it go) and they did a photo shoot with him in his new Angels gear. I think the most successful portrait pictures are the ones that the athletes take (sorry I am biased) but anyway I thought it would be cool to do a little photo shoot on the field after practice with our two new top players. I consider them sort of the bash brothers since they live together, are big guys and hit behind one another in the lineup. It would have been awesome if I had a studio to do this in but you make do with what you have in life. On this day, I had clouds with some sun and a crappy baseball field. The one thing I had trouble with was that anytime I tried getting real close, it wouldn’t let me take the picture so I had to do the best I could with what I had. To be honest Erik, I was not a fan of this assignment but I tried my best.

Summer sunset in February?

So the weather was awful the past two days and I don’t mean the temperature but it was overcast and just really hard to find a nice picture. However, I was coming back from practice and I saw that the sun was hitting the buildings down by campus and although I live about a mile and half away I still can see the buildings so I said maybe there will be a sick sunset tonight. Sure enough I got an amazing picture of this sunset overlooking some houses in the Central West End. It reminded me of a night in July because it just seemed so “summer” like although its the middle of February.

I think the cool part of this photo is not only the colors in the sky but the leaf-less trees in the background, it’s almost as if they are touching the sky.

I think if I could change anything about this picture it would be the darkness of the garage and the lights on the street but I really want the focus to be on the sunset so other than that I think this is a hell of a picture (not to toot my own horn) but I love it.

During this picture I was messing around with the ISO and at first it came out to0 light so I wanted to go a little higher and I went with 800 and it turned out awesome!

Life is full of jagged edges

This assignment was very difficult to me because you had to be creative and think outside the box. Now I am not saying that I am not creative but the last assignment you had one thing to focus on and this one you had 4. I chose this picture because I loved how the rocks jag out instead of being smooth. It shows over a period of time the hard work will break down due to weather or time. Life in a sense is similar to this.

The camera didn’t give me all that much difficulty which I was pleased about except the fact that they didn’t include a USB cable but hey, one must overcome obstacles to be successful in life right? I lined the photo up so it really focused on the detail of the rocks instead of the other things around it. I also got really low to the ground so it gave me a perfect shot. The weather was god awful, I think it was like 35 degrees with rain so as much as my body wanted to rush me I had to focus at the task on hand. Now Erik I am sure you’re wondering why the top of the picture is sort of cut off, well the fence line in the back would have been distracting and taken away the detail of the rocks (or bricks?) I think this picture came out well regardless of what others think.

I look forward to the next assignment and cannot wait to see my improvement over time.


Jagged Rocks outside of Fuez Hall

Get it while it’s hot

I think almost everyone has messed around with a camera before but usually we are out at a bar or family function. This was the first time I have truly used any sort of camera to capture a specific thing. I love taking photos, I am the guy at the party who takes my friends camera and they will wake up the next day to see over 200 shots taken.

With this assignment I really wanted to capture some action, not just my roommate watching TV or doing homework, I am the type of person who wants to go out and capture something awesome. I decided to go to the local bar we all love “Pierre Lacledes” and capture some of the cooks making the food for the customers. I actually ended up going back today to get some pictures because I wasn’t crazy about the ones yesterday. This photo I find very interesting and just flat out awesome. The flames bursting over the burger is something that was hard to capture and I think it took a bit of luck but I made it happen and I was truly pleased with that. Although it has a bit of blur to it, I think it gives it flavor (no pun intended) and what I also like is the flames near the floor. The lighting in the kitchen wasn’t the most ideal but as a photographer you have to adjust. Now I know Erik will have something to say about the picture but hey, you live and you learn right?

What also helped me was the fact that the cooks honestly would push me out of the way if I was in the way, so it gave me a natural setting and that was also important for me. I look forward to learning more and trying out different things!



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