Laughter is the best medicine!

ImageToday was a very summery day. There was a golden haze outside and everyone seemed to be just enjoying the nice cool breeze and activity in the Quad. I decided after class to bring out my camera and just photograph random people playing football or walking in the Quad and then I ran into these two on a hammock: Lisa Godfrey and Chelsea Del Rosso! They are actually two of my really good friends! At first, I didn’t even tell them that I was taking a picture of them. I just kept creeping closer towards them and snapping pictures. They were just laying in the hammocks making jokes about each other’s day and knew right away that it would form a perfect emotion picture. Chelsea is on the right and she was just laughing  to Lisa’s joke about her Theology class.

What I like about this picture is that it does show raw emotion and in terms of technical aspects – I am pretty happy about the lighting, and composition of this picture.

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1 Response to “Laughter is the best medicine!”

  1. 1 sluphojo April 19, 2012 at 12:51 pm

    as I do as well. Fantastic!!!

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