color, light, mood, and texture

This was an interesting assignment. I found it hard to figure out what exactly I wanted to shoot. The assignment was focused, but in a very unstructured way. I did not really know where to begin. I made the conscious decision to keep the camera with me every time I left campus because I was so unaware of how I wanted to go about this. On my last attempt I pulled over in the Loop to photograph a homeless man to which I paid him for his time. Oddly enough I did not like any of those shots.
The majority of my photos for this were taken at my parents’ house in University City. I ran home before work and just put the dog outside and started shooting in my yard around 4:45 PM. This was the shot I chose for color. I have seen this stop sign almost everyday of my life and for some reason I realized how jarring it is because of its surroundings.
This next photo was the one I chose for mood. Yep, this is my dog and for some reason every time there is a camera around she poses for it. There is something about her expression here that really captures the emotions that animals possess. I realize that it is close and that I cut off her body. I honestly did not care because I do not think I would have been able to capture the look in her eyes from farther away.
The photo I chose for light was literally luck. I was driving back from work on Tuesday night and saw this garden shop basically bleeding this amber/ gold light in the midst of a completely pitch black street. I quickly drove like an idiot and pulled into the parking lot. The horizon seems off but I was standing on the edge of a planter grabbing a light post while trying not to fall over into oncoming traffic. It just seemed really pretty. I tried taking shots that were closer to the building itself, but the effect was not nearly as nice. I was determined to shoot all four of the lights framing the windows.

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