Making clothes, an all day job.

For this assignment we were to take feature photographs of people living their life and going about the business of their daily lives. Unfortunately I didn’t feel as creatively inspired on this assignment as I had for previous ones. I had a difficult time coming up with ideas for shots and subjects. When thinking on this assignment, I was wondering just what to photograph for this assignment when I considered visiting my friends in the theater costume shop and asking if I could take some picture of them while they worked. They replied with great enthusiasm, as is the theater custom and invited me to come down as soon as I could. While I was sitting there talking to the individuals working there, I snapped a shot here and there. One thing that did get on my nerves more often than not was the lighting of the room. The fluorescent lights wreaked havoc on potentially interesting shots but I believe I was able to get a few.

In this picture, Lou Bird, head of the costume shop, is measuring angles out on a board before making the cuts to the fabric. It really is fantastic the things that this man can come up with for costumes and so its always interesting to see where his mind takes him while he works. The funny thing is that I was actually just shooting random pictures to test the lighting settings on the camera. I wasn’t even looking through the viewfinder when i shot this from the hip, I looked at it and thought “huh… I actually kind of like this” I personally like how Lou is not centered in the shot and that some of the rest of the costume shop is visible behind him. I also like the slight angle to the right, I just feel like it adds a little something interesting to the picture. One thing that I don’t really care for however is that overall, there isn’t much going on in the picture. It was a bit of a slow day in the shop so not much was actually happening, so I wish that I could have included more “excitement” in the picture.

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1 Response to “Making clothes, an all day job.”

  1. 1 sluphojo October 20, 2011 at 3:21 am

    Nothing wrong with a “quiet” photograph like this one. The tilt, pulled straight from cinema, is nicely done, leading to a fantastic composition. Sometimes the test shots are the best shots, that’s for certain. Reminds me of the quiet photographs of National Geographic photographer Sam Abell.

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