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This week proved challenging.  I attempted to capture color, light, mood and texture during night.  I believed all of these aspects could be expressed better in a night time capacity.  However, I did not account for the difficulty shooting without complete access to light.  Many of the photographs turned out blurry or out of focus. It was frustrating to see a perfect shot that exemplifies color, light, mood and texture but then have that shot not come across on the viewfinder.

I believe this photo is my best photo this week.  The colors speak capture me the most.  The blue hue illuminating from behind and radiating onto the fence makes this photograph.  The eeriness of a dark soccer stadium is overturned by the safeness of the light.  I think a personal element would launch this photo into perfection.  Seeing a person in this photo would amplify the mood and even texture.

Grandy Glaze assignment 3

I selected this photo of the flowers outside of Griesdeck hall located in the quad of Saint Louis University’s (SLU) campus. The color is what stood out to me out of my four photos for assignment #3; I believe it was the classic violet and red mixture that caught my eye. The worms eye view in which I used to take the photo makes it unique as well. Ultimately I believe this is my best shot to date in class because of the amount of thought and time I took into trying to capture the texture and warmth of this flower batch. I took nearly 12 different angles and this one was one of the last photos that I shot. I trusted my judgment and I believe that I got the best out of my subject. I used the camera at 200 and I got as close as I could without taking away from the overall beauty of the flowers.

Next time I believe I could improve on my technical skill with the camera in order to gain a better advantage with my shots.  There is not quite enough focus that captures the full potential and details of the flowers. The other factor I believe would have dramatically improved my photo is if the sun was out. I believe the sunlight exposure would have helped compensate for my lack of proper technique while shooting. I took that picture around 5:30 p.m. which is not when the sun is at its highest point in the quad. I am excited with how the photo turned out overall and I believe that I can improve even more as the course continues and I learn more techniques.

light- Michael

IMG_3125This is by far my favorite picture that I took.  I feel that I was very close to getting all of the elements in this picture.  It evokes a kind of emotion out of me and feels kind of ominous even for me and i was the photographer.

Aspen Steiner-Color


I chose this picture because I absolutely adore the color in it.  I feel that the eye catches the headband and then is drawn through the photograph by the colorful t-shirts.  I think the image has good depth of field and I really appreciate the angle that I took the picture from.  I think the picture draws people in and lets them feel like they are actually there as well. I would’ve liked to perfect the editing so the guy in the red shirt were to stand out as well.

Assignment 3 (Brian Severino)


I really wish that I would have noticed what you pointed out in class with the face here. I know that my overall technique and execution of these pictures need to be better. Aside from that, I should have positioned myself closer to the gentlemen on the bench and utilized the two lights that look like eyes above him. From now on, I will be looking to be more creative in the pictures that I take as well as being aware of what is in front of me.

Kerins- Color, Light, Mood, Texture


I captured this image of two girls sitting inside Coffee Cartel late on Tuesday evening.  This photo evokes the mood of a coffee-house at night – low lights, quiet, and lots of open textbooks. I feel like the image angle draws the viewer in, like a passerby who would look in the window and see this setting.  I had to play around with my shutter speed in order to capture as much light as I could since it was 10:00pm at night.  I had to be very patient and steady while shooting this week. I enjoyed taking photos at night; it poised a challenge, but it also taught me how to adjust the settings in order to compensate for that shortcoming.

Austin McBroom

Out of the five photos that I took, I enjoyed this photo the most. I believe you could visualize St. Louis University by just this photo. I shows the nature as well as the architecture that our school provides. I thought the sunlight was a nice contrast to the photo, even though I wanted to get a better angle of the sun but it kept moving so it was a hard for me to do so. One thing I do not like is how far I am from all of the action, I feel that I could of gotten a lot closer. I also feel that the picture could of been more clearer. Over all, I really did enjoy taking this photo, still trying to improve.IMG_6998


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