I chose to do this picture for my illustration because I love the exact instance I was able to capture. I like the mid-dancing pose that I caught the dancers in, and I like the rule of thirds being used in this. However, the original picture had a lot of background noise in it since I was in a restaurant. I decided to blur out the background in photoshop and focus on the couple. Next, I didn’t like how the dancers blended in with the rest of the color scheme, so I decided to make everything else black and white except the dancers. This also fit in with the theme that the dancers were trying to illustrate. The theme/story was that tango brings color to the lives of the Argentinians that live in a town called “La Boca”. Therefore, I decided to center all the color in this pic coming from the dancers themselves.

Jared Castillo – People at Work


Although this might have been the most awkward assignment to start so far, this surprisingly was probably one of my favorite assignments. It gave me the opportunity to not only meet new people, but also gave me the opportunity to get a small glimpse of what their job entailed. Initially, the two people who were working were hesitant to even show themselves on the camera. But after a few shots, they became comfortable and allowed me to move around them, eventually being so comfortable that they started posing for me.

On a different note, lighting inside the Center of Global Citizenship was interesting to work with. Because the two subjects were under an awning it blocked the exposure that would have came from the ceiling. So I had to make some adjustments with my camera settings.

People at Work – Brinique Woodcock

Freddy Freeny looks up a customers account wile at work.

Freddy Freeny looks up a customers account wile at work.

I absolutely loved taking pictures of people working. I really got to capture the essence of the store. It was a slow day, but there was really a team feeling still evident within the store. The boys just hung out and watched the basketball game and also helped any customer whenever they came in. This was a very enjoyable assignment.

Olivia Breting- People at Work

Olivia Breting- People at Work

I did my assignment at Urban Chestnut (again), but I tried to mix it up by shooting in the kitchen of the new location. The lighting at the new location was much easier to work with. I had fun with this assignment. The new tasting room is a pretty interesting environment to take pictures. Even at work with people I kind of know, people seemed a bit uncomfortable having their picture taken, however most people were understanding and interested in participating.

Danielle Stickler


For my shoot I went to the Jimmy Johns on SLU’s campus, and shot the workers making the infamous speedy fast sandwiches. What I really like about my picture is the emotions of the different people. These emotions capture the atmosphere of the sandwich shop; joyous and quick. What I also like about the picture is the motion blur of the man in the back. The motion blur adds to the ‘person at work’ concept because Jimmy Johns prides themselves in the quickness and speediness of their sandwiches. The final element of the picture that I really like are the lines and framing of the picture. The lines of the signs up top frame the picture nicely and showcase the sandwich shop.  

Joey Sminchak – Person at Work

Colin Kiley walks to work at Chaifetz Arena Saturday, April 12, 2014, near Grand Boulevard and Laclede Avenue in St. Louis. (SLU Photo/Joey Sminchak)

Colin Kiley walks to work at Chaifetz Arena Saturday, April 12, 2014, near Grand Boulevard and Laclede Avenue in St. Louis. (SLU Photo/Joey Sminchak)

I know that I have taken a lot of photos of Colin this semester, but it is just because he is so accessible! This was my favorite take from this assignment. Although it doesn’t really illustrate anything to do with the workings of his job, I think that this portrait of Colin is a great combination of color, light and texture. Finding an opportunity to photograph someone while they work without getting in the way or interrupting them is rather difficult, but I think that if I am faced with another assignment like this, I will be able to handle it well.

Something that was difficult with this assignment was trying to find good angles to shoot from. I struggled through a lot of shots trying to compose it well because the background was really uninteresting. The photos that I ended up with were only from scraping the bottom of the barrel. I think that I need to take more shots so that I have more to choose from when I am editing.

Molly Rippinger – Person At Work

It’s hard to be a fly on the wall when you’re inside a food truck – every space serves a purpose, so you just have to figure out where you blend in best. For me, it was by the steering wheel (even though I so wanted to do an aerial shot by standing on one of the school bus seats). Since she was so sweet for actually letting me on to the food truck, I was trying to be as considerate as possible.

The major plus from staying behind where she working was that I was able to get both her and the people waiting outside of the food truck in the frame. I really loved capturing the woman in the pink cardigan watching her crepe being made. About a minute after this shot, she was handed her banana-nutella crepe and shared her excitement about enjoying the first bite of the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market season. It was great to see that sense of community and it seemed like every other person who walked up to the food truck was greeted by their first name. Had I just stayed outside of the food truck, I don’t think I would have been able to pick up on the details that make this mobile crêperie such an integral experience to the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market.


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