Hannah Sheppard – Sports

Hannah Sheppard - Sports

Though blurry, I thought this was a fairly cool photo for this assignment. It not only captures one of the beauties of brotherhood, but also the spirit of sport. No matter what age, these boys can come back to their old garage and shoot pucks at a wall that has taken that honor of a beating for as long as I can remember. their surroundings of typical garage clutter encapsulates the feeling of home and history, and the competitive banter between the two resounds with the shots and sticks hitting the concrete. I also really like how the garage lights fill the stage while the entryway lights give more of a spotlight effect. To me, the blurriness is a defect of the shot, but it also gives a sort of impression of them playing, and I’m not sure a perfect still shot would give the same effect.

Hannah Sheppard – Person at Work

Hannah Sheppard - Person at Work

This shot was taken of my father, Cas Sheppard, one Saturday afternnon when I was at home. To me it represents the hard work he does both during the week and even on his time off, and how cool that really is that no matter what he’s always in a good mood about it. I liked the shot in comparison to my others because there is a lot more dynamic and color to it. the mahogany pop of the deck stain and the green ball cap with the blue and green of the background, in my opinion, really brings the shot full circle. With this angle and brightness of sun, however, I also captured a lot of the dinginess of the old deck color as well as the literally “muddy Mississippi” in the fore and backgrounds. A chance to capture the shot later in the day with perhaps the shade of a tree once the sun graduated may have been better, but at the time being I really liked the view of him squatted and painting (as opposed to hunched over standing).

Jared Castillo – Emotion


During one of the last rehearsals of the semester, the Bare Naked Statues went through Jim Kane’s (left) senior solo one more time before calling it a night. In this picture, you can get the sense of emotion that not only is coming from Jim but also from the other members. I thought that this picture was a good example because it conveys the feelings or influence music can bring to people. –  The difficult thing about this picture, however, was trying to capture the emotions from the members while including Jim. So taking these shots with different angles was an experimental process until I found something I liked.

Jackie Bova – Emotion


Emotion was a difficult shoot for me to do, not because I do not see the emotion that I would like to capture, but sometimes getting just the right moment is hard. Also, I chose to shoot this assignment outside on a hot and sunny day, and I was really struggling to get the exposure right with the bright sun. In the time that I would take to adjust my settings, I felt that I was missing good moments of emotion. In this photo, I like the tight frame and the layering of the two subjects, but I had such a difficult time with the exposure that I do not think that the color is right.

Also, it seemed really natural to want to find pictures of fun and happy emotions, but I would have liked to find a deeper emotion shot. However, I did not feel comfortable shooting people in states of vulnerability or difficult emotion. If I were to do this shot again, I think I would target a more conceptual view of emotion, not just “here are people looking happy/sad/frustrated/etc.” Overall, I think the emotion of joy captured here is fun, but in retrospect, it is not the deepest photo I think I could have shot.

Hannah Sheppard – Emotion

Hannah Sheppard - Emotion

I absolutely love this photo. The shot, taken of my oldest brother CJ, was captured the other day after a huge storm had blown through and totally cleared, leaving the sky a perfect blue before sunset. His relaxed pose in the chair couldn’t fit his personality more perfectly, and having the sun light up just above his head made everything come together so well. If I were to change the shot I would probably rotate it a bit to make it less of a tilted angle, and I would crop out the table with the ipad as well as perhaps the dead tree in the top left.



After a long dreaded winter, I though this picture appropriately captured a lot of emotion. This pic is of my friend as she first steps onto the sand at Holland Beach during the weekend. Besides just the emotion, the colors of the pic and the background also evoked emotion in me. The long empty walkway and the lighthouse at the end bring back good memories of times at the beach and evoking memories, I think, goes hand in hand with evoking emotion. Overall, this was one of my most favorite assignments because it actually hit me personally and evoked emotion in no just the subject and viewer, but me, the photographer, as well.

Molly Rippinger – Emotion


If The Color Run comes to town, you know there are going to be plenty of prime opportunities for eye-catching photography. When you combine the crazy rainbow of colors along with gorgeous mid-morning light, I was definitely excited to shoot the runners lined up in the corrals. At first I was having trouble capturing just one individual exhibiting emotion because practically everyone was up to something  laughing, yawning and shouting. Thankfully, I came across this little girl donning a handlebar mustache and some stunner shades. Since she was on her father’s shoulders, she literally stood above the rest of the crowd.

From her perch, she patiently waited for the race to begin, perhaps to save up her energy for the run. I loved how her hands were folded in such a dignified way, which drastically juxtaposed her ridiculous-looking ‘stache and sunglass. Somehow, her silence spoke to me much louder than any of the other emotions at The Color Run.



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