General News-Sarah Roberts


For the General News assignment, I took photos at a work event this past weekend.  The charity Little Patriots Embraced held a program tour at Scott Air Force base, and Jordin Sparks performed a fitness class for the families at the base.  It was really cool to be able to take photos of the event, because I am normally working so this gave be a different perspective.  There were so many activities and everyone was having such a great time, it was really cool to try and capture that in photos.

This is my favorite photo because I think it tells a pretty good story of what the event was like.  The girls are dancing along to the fitness class and everyone was having a great time.  There seemed to be something on the lens when I took these photos, so next time I will be sure to make sure the lens is clean.  I also think that the lighting is a little off, I should have adjusted the ISO for midday without clouds.

General News – Danny Brennan

For my general news story I went to a Wedding, but I didn’t want to be taking pictures in the church during the ceremony. So what better event is there then the reception. I took this photo of the dance floor when everybody started to have some liquid courage. I wanted to get the bride in as many photos  as possible because it was her day. So this is her dancing the night away with her friends.

Some things I found difficult when taking all of my pictures is that it was very dark in the ball room and to get good light. Also there were just so many people there I feel like in all of my photos something, or someone was getting cut out of the picture. But this photo shoot has by far been my favorite one.




My photos for this “News” assignment happened on accident. I had originally photographed the morning mass at College Church, and then headed to the BSC to grab breakfast and use the wi-fi to upload the pictures on Tuesday morning. However, just as I was leaving the BSC to head over to Xavier, I noticed several girls setting up a table and breakfast treats. I walked over and asked what they were selling, and where the profits were going, and bought a donut. After talking with them for a few minutes, I asked if I could take pictures of them tabling.  They agreed, and I loved the pictures of the Zeta bake sale so much more than the ones I had originally taken, that I decided to use them instead.

I think this is my favorite picture of the bunch. It is from a unique angle, but a viewer can understand what’s occurring from the girls standing behind a table, and the price sign hanging off the edge. The only thing I noticed about this photo, and a good number of my other photos, is that I have a really bad tendency to cut people’s heads off in the frame. It’s something I need to be more conscious of, and work to correct.

Rachel Moylan- Feature and General News

I believe I forgot to blog about my feature story, no matter this post will have double the photographic power.



For my feature story I choose to document the atmosphere of midterms.  Midterms is a hectic time of the semester.  I wished to document the urgency of learning.  This photo really stood out to me.  I love the busyness in colors and objects found within the photo.  The point of entry is definitely Grace, the subject.  From Grace we are clued into different things.  We can tell that she is a dedicated student who is hoping to do well on her coming midterms.  There is a great depth of field within this photograph.  I love how their is a definite entrance into the photo, Grace.  Then the viewer can move about the photo, grasping the setting.  To make this photograph better I wish I had captured more of Grace’s face.  In seeing her face I believe the viewer would have more insight into the stressful period of midterms.


With my general news photographs I decided to shoot the SLU Club Volleyball Team’s home tournament.  I believe this photo to be my best found within the assignment.  I think this picture captures the team’s unity and overall fondness for both volleyball and each other.  I like the simplicity of this photograph.  It is very geometrical and pleasing to the eye.  The lines and the team circle create shapes which draws the reader in.  From this picture the view can tell they are an indoor sports team.  To make this photograph better I would have like to get a volleyball in the photograph.  This way the viewer would know for sure what sport is being played.



General News- Sarah Cifelli


This was the best photo because it shows the event from a behind the scenes perspective. I like the edge of the guitar player and how the rest of his body is cut off. I think the guitar neck is a good diagonal line throughout an otherwise plain looking set of angles and shapes. I also think the nuns give away the religious affiliation, as well as the altar if you look closely. I think this could have been better if I was physically able to be further back, as well as up high, but both were difficult considering the darkness of the room which required a low shutter speed.
best photo

This was


Bra Show

twobraThis was my favorite picture because I really felt like it got the essence of the whole event.  the two ladies, by pointing and looking around, are interacting with the environment very well.  Especially so because it was such a strange event.

The E-Board

I like this picture the most because this picture explains much of the meeting. This picture summarizes the role of every person during the meeting, besides the president. Though there is lack of motion, I believe this is a good picture to include in a news story. This was the first general assembly for Black Student Alliance following fall break, in which many changes occurred on campus. This is a depiction of an executive board nearly half-way finished with their term and new additions to this executive board for the remainder of the year. I think this could be included in any feature story to shape the story and add a visual element to the story.



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