Sarah Roberts-Person at Work and Sports


This assignment was very difficult for me since I was so busy with work and things outside of school, I had very little time to spend on the photo projects.  As for the sports assignment, I was not able to capture new pictures for this assignment so I will be using it as my re-shoot assignment.  As for the Person at work photo, I had a lot of difficulty.  I took a lot of pictures over the course of the day and they all looked alright in the camera viewfinder.  When I got home and looked at them on the computer, almost all of them were blurry or of poor quality.  I used the photos that I felt had the best story/frame even through the blurriness.  I think that maybe the flash was going off when I was taking some of the pictures, which could have messed with the quality.  I did enjoy finding different angles/frames to take pictures of, since we needed three and they couldn’t all be straight on shots of the person at work.  It was interesting to try and find different ways/angles of capturing the action.

Austin Mcbroom – Person at Work


I think this is my best and favorite photo out of the three that I captured. The lighting is what stands out to me in this photo. I like how I was able to capture not the employee but the costumer as well, as she is looking for money in her purse. At the same time, I wish I could of took this photo at a different angel so I could of got some of the toppings that they offered. In order to do so, I think of would of needed a birds a view to caption just that. Overall, I really enjoy this photo and I think it does a good job of displaying a Flying Cow costumer at work.

Austin Mcbroom – Sports


I am definitely a fan of this photo because I can relate. I really enjoy this shot because it captures so much. It shows a group of men enjoying basketball and at the same time taking it serious. It also shows how exhausted they all are, only with their sweat and postures. Even though I like this photo, I wish I could of zoomed out just a little bit so I could of seen everyone on the court. I cut out a couple of the guys playing, I felt that I could of made a difference. Everyone would be able to tell that this a definitely a sporting even.

Danny Brennan- Sports


This is my favorite photo from my shoot at the bowling alley. I really like a lot of aspects from this photo especially the angle that I got it from. Picking a sporting even like bowling gave me to opportunity to get really close to the action. I was pretty much able to stand where ever I wanted.

There were also many things that I could have done to improve this photo. I couldn’t tell in the alley but my shutter speed should have been faster to really stop the action, it was a little blurry in spots. I also would have liked to waited just about a half a second longer and got a shot of the ball on the way to the pins.



This is a picture of one of my managers at the Gap in the Galleria, Owen Koester, folding jeans on Monday, Nov. 17. I captured this photograph during my break, while my other co-workers were on the floor. I like this photograph because it showcases a daily activity of any Gap employee.  Anyone in the retail industry would recognize this activity, and I like how the stacks of jeans and mannequin add to the ambiance of the photograph. It’s a bit washed-out, but the store lighting isn’t really conducive to taking photos, and I was also using a fast shutter speed to capture Owen’s movements. However, overall I like the photograph and framing of the subject.


Kerins_sport 1

I attended the SLU vs SIUE hockey game on Friday, Nov. 7, which the Billikens won 4-3, for my sports assignment! It was a close game, very back-and-forth, so the intensity level of the players and coaches were high. This shot, although a bit dark and grainy, is my favorite of the entire shoot.  I had trouble with the terrible lighting in the arena (fluorescent lights are lovely) and the clear plexiglass screen surrounding the rink presented several challenges while photographing. Luckily, another photographer was at the game, and I watched him as he placed the camera lens right on the clear screen in order to remove the glare from the barrier. I followed his lead and was able to capture some great shots, even though my fingers were numb by the conclusion of the game!

Rachel Moylan-Person at work and Sports


This photo is my best representation of the assignment.  It incorporates all the necessities to capture a person at work.  It relays all the important factors to show the viewer a glimpse of life working at a frozen yogurt company.  I love the clarity and decisive moment captured in the photo.  You can see the employee at work cutting up strawberries to refill the topping bar.  Another characteristic about this photo I adore is the sharp contrast of the white in the background to the blue of the employee uniform.  It is that crisp color change that drawers the view in and focuses the attention.

I wish that the employee, Malcolm, was in the process of cutting a strawberry.  This added element would not leave the viewer to search for the carton of strawberries in the lower left corner but clue them in faster to what fruit he is cutting.  Other than this small aspect I do love this photo.  I made a conscious decision to capture from the neck down.  I believe this focuses more to the work aspect of the assignment.


I am slightly obsessed with this photo.  I believe it beautifully illustrates layering.  With the opposite team in the background and single player in the front it showcases the pitcher in the middle ground.  I also love how clear the action is stopped.  The pitch is such an intricate part of softball, I am glad that I was able to successfully capture this important step of the game.

To make this photo truly great, I wish the ball could have already have been released by the pitcher.  I think this small change to the photo would have allowed the viewer to think pass the photo and move along with the speed of the game.


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