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During the photo safari assignment,we were assigned to follow the light so I went to Forest Park to take some pictures of my favorite paths and footbridges.  I went at noon because I knew that the sun would be high and would make all the trees cast really interesting shadows.  Of all my photos, I thought  this photo was really interesting because of the curve of the metrolink path in the background and the rusty color of the bridge.   I think it is an interesting point of view and the layering of the backgrounds is also pretty cool.  The thing I think could be improved about this photo is the lighting.  The top of the photo looks a little pixel-y and possibly overexposed.  The blue of the sky in the background is also not as vivid as it could be, meaning that the shutter speed and aperture were probably not correct.  Overall, I think it is an interesting photo and could be improved upon by changing the exposure and lighting overall.

Eric D Sage

Cole ollies on a skate board outside the Grand Center Arts academy in midtown Saint louis, On Monday, Sept. 15, 2014. In Saint Louis, Mo.

Cole ollies on a skate board outside the Grand Center Arts academy in midtown Saint louis, On Monday, Sept. 15, 2014. In Saint Louis, Mo.

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I took this photo on a rainy afternoon in Tower Grove Park.  When I set out to take pictures the sun was shining and I was really excited to hopefully get some good shots. However, by the time I arrived at Tower Grove Park, dark clouds had rolled in and it was drizzling.  I like the composition of this shot, but feel like the weather contributed to the lack of light and general darkness of the image.  I also think that the photo is busy; there are a lot of layers and perhaps smaller details get lost in the image.  I probably could have focused my view on the bench, and the scene behind it could be blurry, the image might not get lost due to the amount of subjects in the frame.

Michael follow the light


When thinking about this concept of following the light I decided to go look for a place to do it.  I found this creepy abandoned factory that was being renovated and asked to take pictures in it.  I found an area with a bunch of music equipment and a stage and noticed the sun was shining beautifully through the window.  I took this picture of the amplifiers at such an angle so that it would show the sun going from light to dark.  The darkest part is ending at me.  I am not sure why this is one of my favorite pictures, but it just inspired me.

Rachel Moylan-Photo Safari


Out of my five photos this one appeals to me the most.  I find it to be organized chaos.  The photograph is filled; there are numerous lines, angles, and dimensions.  I find the busyness of the photograph works in its favor.  I believe this causes the observer to stop and truly look at the picture.  Construction scaffolding is not a common occurrence.  It takes a moment for the brain to figure out the setting and location of the photograph.  The photo is mesmerizing.  I consider the lighting, colors, movement, and shadows of the photograph to be crisp and sharp.  I believe all comes together to create a unusual and unexpected photograph.

What would truly make this photograph great would be more human content.  I wish more construction workers had been working at the time.  I feel as though more human interaction within this photograph would appeal to the observer.  I also believe more neon green shirts would add to the brightness of the photo.  In order to obtain some workers in the picture, I feel as though I had to sacrifice seeing the top of the building.  I think seeing the blue sky would give the observer some perspective and contrast to the many lines and angles of the scaffolding.

Blog Post #1

I took pictures at my sorority’s Bid Day. This was a really fun event to try and take pictures of because there are so many emotions going on- the excitement and energy of it all is so much fun. I really love this picture because this is when our member that were disaffiliated to help with panhellenic recruitment we reunited with our chapter after 3 weeks of not being able to speak to them. I love the expressions on everyones faces and the pure excitement of the picture.

I was really sad the event was held inside, so there really wasn’t enough natural light to make it a really good picture. I also think I was struggling a bit with the camera settings, and sadly the picture turned out a little bit blurry. These are both things I obviously want to work on next time, because they really make or break a picture. DSC_0191

Brid Fahey


For my “Photo Safari,” I decided to photograph my apartment complex since it has great detail outside and inside. My favorite part of the photo is the different shapes and colors in every part of the frame. I like the brightness of the light and the shadow it casts on the building. I would like this photo better if there was more natural lighting. I took the first few photos during sunset, however, my camera died before I could finish so I had to take photos after sunset.


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