Brid Fahey – Features


This is my favorite photo out of the three. My favorite part is the texture and colors in the frame. Although it was hard with all the over head lighting, I like that the human element is darker than the aisle of food. However, I do wish I could’ve gotten a closer, and more personal picture of the subject. This photo assignment definitely posed a new set of challenges, however, I feel the features assignment will make the next assignment more understandable.

Austin McBroom

Out of the three photographs, this one in particular is my favorite photo. Not only is this photo the most natural but it is also the most appealing. I really like how I was able to capture him in motion, in the process of eating. Although, I was I could of gotten a lower warms eye view angel, so that I didn’t cut off the drink and the plate. The way that we were seated made it hard to do so. I also would like for the lighting to be better. I tried my best to use the light behind him but the lights were really low in the restaurant, which made it difficult. Overall, his facial expression along with the setting of the picture does a good job expressing Tanner Lancona’s eating habits.

Michael DiMaria #5

howardThis photo, I believe, gives a general feeling of the whole protest that night.  It didn’t hit me how serious some of these people were until they handed out gas masks to certain individuals in charge.  I think I captured a powerful picture that had a lot of feeling. The challenge I was faced with while shooting this was the lighting.  I had to have someone hold two flashlights behind me to reduce the backlighting.

Kerins- Feature


I have a tendency to wait and wait for the perfect shot, only to wait too long and miss perfect pictures. I like this image because I snapped the image before I had time to even think about what Anna was going to do next, if I needed to wait for more steam to rise off the pasta, etc. I feel like I’m always anticipating a better picture, and then end up with pictures that don’t capture the moment well. I need to work on following my instinctive reaction when out taking pictures.  The steam rising from the bowl shows up much better than I anticipated, and it gives the photo a “real-ness” that captures the process of making pasta, and the essence of cooking. I also like how the background is dark; it allows the focus to be on Anna and not have her competing with objects that may have shown up if the photo had been taken earlier in the day when there was more natural light.

Feature- Liz Stark


This is my favorite picture that it took for the feature assignment. I was really excited to photograph the protesters because I thought they would be great feature, but the shoot definitely didn’t go as planned. Many of the protesters didn’t want to be in pictures and none of them wanted to have their names in the captions. It also started raining while I was taking the pictures, and I think that’s why majority of my pictures have a little bit of motion blur in them. Next time for a shoot, I’m definitely going to plan farther in advance so if I encounter problems like I did on Monday, I will have more time to fix the issues or find a new topic.

Danny Brennan- Feature

BrennanD_Feature_2 This was my favorite photo from my feature shoot. When looking for my feature photos I really wanted to get close up to some people having a good time. I feel this photo shows some joy. I was looking for something that showed the lighter side of life, because I have one photo of protesters walking down marching down the street. So I thought whats lighter then four guys playing Monopoly. What I didn’t like about the photo is the lighting. I feel like it is a little to dark in the room. But overall this photo to me was the capture of joyful moment for these four individuals.

Feature Assignment

This assignment was rather difficult since it rained constantly for four plus days.  It made it very difficult to get outside and take any pictures, plus the light was terrible the few times that the rain was clear.  I decided to take some indoor pictures of different locations around SLU, which was a bit difficult adjusting the camera to take pictures under fluorescent lights.  Either the camera I was using had a dirty lens, or I had difficulty with my aperture and iso because all my pictures look a bit dingy and pixely.  This photo was my favorite because of the framing and the lighting-it is better than in the other two.  The other pictures I took were outdoor at sunset, but it was very dark since it had been raining all day



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